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Gmb optimization

You’re a local business owner and you want your business to be found on Google, of course, you do, that’s where hundreds of searches for the services you provide are being made every single month and you want a piece of it, Google has a special home for showcasing its ‘best’ local service providers. It’s in there own little box and any service can rank in there from Architects to¬†Zoo Veterinarians. You can immediately be placed from number 1, down to the depths of Google, never to be seen. Its a complete lottery – Unless, you can meet all the criteria that Google likes to see you follow, which of course you have time for as your only running your business! ūüôā

How Its done

Firstly do you know what Google my business listing is? If yes click here. If no, take my hand and lets press on.

If you have ever done a search on the google search engine for a service, perhaps landscape gardener in Milton Keynes then it will bring up (firstly some shameful google ads) then a map pack. how this is presented is a box with 3 or 4 companies within, then a section at the very bottom saying more places (which is the abyss and very infrequently is pressed. Our job is to get your company in the top 3 places.

Firstly we must Claim your listing, which is a step that takes around 10 minutes to do, it will just need you to fill in some company details, it won’t send you to sleep but make a coffee anyway.¬†

After you have answered all the questions the last thing is to wait for a postcard, this is sent directly from John Google himself, he sits in his office all day printing these things out and licking the stamps, He puts for numbers on the card, which you must input back onto your gmb page, you have four days to do this or the postcard self destructs.


Pictures and Videos are so important these days, they say a picture says a thousand words, I know which one your customers would rather do, So if you have a Facebook page or photos on your phone, its essential to upload the to the gmb. Now, this is something you can do, but if you want to fully optimize them we can add geo-locations alt text and descriptions and guess what, this helps with the ranking!


Citations are mentions of your business all over the internet, this is more likely going to be in a directory, eg yell, Thompson local etc… but we push that out much further, finding the most relevant directories (there are hundreds) to your service sector and optimising each listing for your targeted keywords

Map Markers

Map markers are created (hundreds in total) with driving directions from all over your targeted town or city sending signals back to google that customers are trying to get to you.


People love you, they love what you do but they have never told you or left you a review online, but you need these reviews, we make sure you get them, but not just that we manage them in a way that affects your rankings, Google likes to know your loved too!


You can actually use your google my business listing in a variety of ways, Use it the very first thing potential clients see. You can post promotions, announcements, reviews, in fact anything you think that will give you the edge over your competitors.


Once we have implemented the above then we should be sitting somewhere in the top 3. The amount of work required to get there depends on competition within your sector, and how much work they have done to get the top spot,

The Result

This is taken from a case study of our client X Graphics, who are a window tinting and vehicle signage company in Milton Keynes. You can See From the  Quarter over the winter, not typically great for window tinting has yielded fantastic results purely from the GMB optimization programme.


We have come up with these packages to help you dominate your competition. we will asses the help required, based on competition for best results

Silver:¬† Your niche isn’t too competitive Just a little help posts 1 a fortnight. Reviews managed and 30 citations.

£50 per month  

Gold: Fair Competition niche. Posts 1 a week reviews managed and 75 citations

£100 per month

Platinum AKA Leads Leads and more leads!:¬†You’re in a very competitive niche were gonna be part of the family.¬† Many citations, Posts 3 times a week. pictures reviews as many you can give us¬†

£300 per month



*packages are monthly subscription with a minimum 12-month term, first 3 months paid in advance to cover citation and setup costs

Our Sites Include:

Optimised for mobile

With Mobile usage for online searches on the rise, our sites are built for phones too.


It’s critical to have a fast page loading speed. Our websites are built with this as a must.


Each site has an SSL Certificate and various other safety procedures in place

SEO optimised

We research the subject then optimise your site to be found on the first page of google

Bespoke design

We build sites for you, Meaning each site is built with your needs in mind. Branding and content 


Content management systems, So you can have full control of your website.

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